Lights, Camera, Action: Inspire! Course for language teachers


How to captivate your digital natives with the power of student-generated videos!


How do you inspire your digital natives to become the heroes of their own learning adventure?


With this course, you will captivate and inspire your students... to fall in love with English! Making videos...

…empowers students to show evidence of their learning in a fun and engaging way.

…boosts students’ interest in the subject content

…enhances their digital media and language skills

…triggers impressive levels of engagement and self-reflection

of video content / minute

Over one billion videos every day. More than 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute. Undeniably, video has radically reshaped how our students learn, share, collaborate, entertain. So, what if you exploited the power of student-produced video projects in your classrooms? What if you helped your students become the active heroes of their own language learning adventure and not just passive media consumers?

Choose the next level of video integration in the language learning process! Tutorials. Vlogs. Digital storytelling. Video-reviews. Raise-awareness documentaries. Video-based learning diaries and the list of creative student-produced videos can continue.

WHO is this course for?

Are you an enthusiastic EFL teacher striving to inspire and empower your digital natives?

Are you looking to offer your students a personalized, content-rich and authentic learning experience, tailored to the learning styles of today’s digital natives?

Are you eager to nurture their independent mindset, curiosity for learning and creativity?

Then this course is for you! You deserve to become an inspirational educator who knows how to empower language learners with enhanced digital media skills and critical life skills!


how to design unique student-produced video projects to captivate your learners with an award-winning 5-step approach to implement learner-generated videos! 


WHAT can I expect?

You will finish the course with many actionable teaching ideas and ready-made resources and tools to boost your teaching power and charisma! Get inspired, and captivate your learners!

Your main takeaways

flexible learner-generated digital media (LGDM) frameworks

practical approaches, tools and techniques that can be adapted for use in your own teaching contexts to maximise significant learning.

access to ready-made resources

video observation worksheet template

storyboard templates

video creation checklist

bank of activities with models of good practice for student-produced video projects

detailed examples of video tasks and activities, a useful list of video-editing tools preferred by students

Completing this course will equip you with the



practical resources

video editing skills

an award-winning research-based approach
(IATEFL Bill Lee 2020)

with all you need to implement a Video Festival Competition in your school… and inspire your learners to fall in love with English!

You will take away flexible learner-generated digital media (LGDM) frameworks, practical approaches, tools and techniques that can be adapted for use in your own teaching contexts to maximise significant learning. Additionally, you will learn how to create a storyboard and will have access to ready-made resources (video observation worksheet template, storyboard template, video creation checklist, bank of activities with models of good practice for student-produced video projects with examples of video tasks and activities, a useful list of video-editing tools preferred by students).

You will discover and use an innovative teaching approach to student-produced media. Whenever you have doubts or concerns, you will be able to contact me to receive my ongoing support throughout the course.

We are on this teaching mission together, to inspire and empower our learners…to become the happiest, most authentic versions of themselves!

Course outline

Module 1. WHY student-generated videos (SGV) in EFL classes? Challenges and benefits.

Learner Generated Digital media (LGDM). Digital media principles. Intellectual property, copyrights issues, parent consent.

Challenges and benefits of implementing student-produced videos in your language class!

Module 2. Video genre and popular types of student-generated videos.

  • Types of student produced-videos. Analyzing the main elements with a video observation checklist.
  • Video editing apps and tools (Filmora, Power Director, CapCut, KineMaster, Canva, VivaCut, We Video, DaVinci Premiere).
  • How to use the peer mentor structure to implement peer-led media workshops.
  • Helping students become familiar with the generic features of different video genre (tutorials, weather forecast videos, book trailer, raise-awareness videos, mini-documentaries, video reviews)

Module 3. How to implement student-generated videos? Stages and key elements.

  • Key elements of LGDM (Learner-Generated Digital Media, Reyna and Meyer 2018) and a checklist when using student-produced video projects.
  • scaffolding strategies: providing models and support
  • safe hosting platforms (Flipgrid, SeeSaw)
  • reflection
  • dissemination and follow-up

Module 4. Welcome to backstage: From storyboard writing to video-editing skills!

Writing workshop: guidelines on how to teach the writing process involved in a video, how to help your students write the story behind the video (the script), and the main elements of a great storyboard. (video storyboard examples, structure, templates)

Video editing workshop: Filmora and Canva.

Module 5. Share and celebrate!

Celebrate your students’ work with the right audience (How to implement a school film festival, raise-awareness video competitions)!

Share your educational video collage!

Certificate of Completion

HOW it works

Course format
40-minute live group sessions on Zoom/ Google Meet, twice a week for two weeks and a half. The link details will be provided after you fill in the registration form.
Course participants
Minimum 3 trainees, maximum 8 trainees.
05.04.202 – 15.04.2022
Exact session times for the biweekly meetings will be arranged according to the group members’ and my availability to provide the best fit around our timetables (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon). Sessions will be recorded if one or more group members cannot attend that specific time.

Course fees

Regular course fee:
95 €
Special offer:
Free course for enthusiastic teachers who hope to transform education during April launch. Apply now to qualify for the free period!

Lights, Camera, Action: Inspire!

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