Speak up and Inspire! Language and Mindset Gym for learners


Benefit from a coaching approach to language learning and take your English to the next level!
Mindfulness techniques to help you enhance your hyperfocus and your sense of well-being while practicing

Develop powerful microlearning rituals and language habits
Use the latest insights from neurocognitive science of emotions, psychology of motivation and personal growth to deconstruct your self-limiting blocking beliefs rooted in your fear to make mistakes or speaking in a foreign language!


WHY this course?
Why is it so special?

It’s not just another English course! Get ready to have fun, get inspired and embark on a life-changing language journey based on personal development topics!

WHO is this for?

Is it you?

Minimum level required B1.

You are a learner struggling to find the motivation and energy to go to the next level in your English learning journey.
You know the grammar rules and vocabulary lists, but still have difficulties speaking fluently and confidently.
You are too shy to practice or maybe afraid of making mistakes. You often give yourself the excuse of not having enough time.
All you need is an enthusiast language and personal growth coach to inspire and guide you step-by-step. To help you reach both your English communication skills and emotional fitness goals.

Then ACT to inspire’s program
Speak up and Inspire: Language and Mindset Gym
is the perfect course for you!


WHAT can I expect?

You will finish the course with a changed mindset and improved fluency. Get ready to have fun, become confident when speaking English, get inspired, and begin living your life with more passion and fulfilment.
You will have the opportunity to practice English online, in the most natural way possible, for 4 weeks (basic module)/ 6 weeks extended module.
You develop confidence and fluency in conversation through interactive exercises.
You will practice effectively and improve your fluency in English through interactive activities (dialogues and debates, improvisation exercises, interviews, real-life simulations, presentations, educational games, etc.).
You consolidate and expand your knowledge of English vocabulary.
You learn to easily manage a discussion in English on a wide variety of interesting topics.
You will be supported to express your opinions in English without the fear of making mistakes!
You benefit from the regular constructive feedback and evaluation of your level of knowledge in English.

Course outline

1. My goals, needs and my vision board for my English and life journey. My why.

Personal growth goal: Creating a vision board in Canva to talk about your dreams and life

Language goal: Pronunciation and workout. Let’s have fun with tongue twisters! Conversational shadowing training.

Speaking challenge 1. (tailored to your level)

2. Achievements and the power of atomic language habits. My habits and study routines

Personal growth goal: How to set effective daily language and personal goals.

Language goal: Vocabulary + Pronunciation workout.

Speaking challenge 2 (tailored to your level)

3. Debunked: language myths and misconceptions. Deconstructing common mental blocks to speaking fluently.

Personal growth goal: gaining more confidence by becoming aware and deconstructing mental blocks

Language goal. Grammar + Pronunciation workout.

Speaking challenge 3. (tailored to your level)

4. First Aid Emotional kit for language learning: Mistakes are a rich source of learning!

Personal growth goal: becoming aware that it is ok safe environment to make mistakes

Language goal: Grammar + Pronunciation workout.

Speaking challenge 4. (tailored to your level)

5. How to use effective trackers and powerful research-backed tools to monitor your progress.

Personal growth goal: My energy and daily motivation boosters. Every module will integrate personal development topics, exciting thought-provoking TED-based speeches and the following language-focused intensive sessions:

Pronunciation workout. Let’s have fun with tongue twisters!

Vocabulary workout. Speaking challenges. (tailored to your level)

Grammar workout. (tailored to your level, integrated with the communicative topic)

TED is a global community of inspirational people who believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, habits, lives, and ultimately the world. Their goal, like ours, is to create valuable inspiring conversations in which people can discuss what concerns them.

Staying motivated is crucial to making progress. Use our daily speaking challenge method with constructive feedback to keep you motivated!
All you need to empower you to become a confident speaker and never be afraid of speaking in English again!

Speak up and Inspire!

Language and Mindset Gym for learners


Communicative topics to be covered during a module:

Social activities;
Hobbies and Hobbies;

The future world;
The contemporary society and its aspects;
Innovative ideas.

HOW it works

Course format:
2 sessions / week
One-to-one 45-minute engaging lessons with a highly qualified and motivational language coach that will help you overcome your fear of speaking in English (basic module / advanced module)

Course fees

Regular course fee:
95 €
Special offer:
Free course for enthusiastic teachers who hope to transform education during April launch. Apply now to qualify for the free period!

Speak up and Inspire!

Language and Mindset Gym for learners

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