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  • 29th HUPE Conference (12-14 November 2021, hybrid). Talk – Lights, Camera, Action: Inspire! The power of student-generated videos in EFL. Poreč, Croatia.
  • 54th IATEFL Annual International Conference (19 June 2021). Talk – From slime tutorials to thought-provoking documentaries, online (This talk proposal on creative approaches to student-generated media was awarded the IATEFL Bill Lee scholarship 2020).


  • CETA – Cluj  English Teachers’ Association (15 December 2020). Workshop – Lights, Camera, Action: Inspire! How to implement student-produced videos: a five-stage approach, online.


I have presented my insights on student-produced videos both internationally and locally at my regional teachers’ association (CETA association, online workshop, December 2020). I have also conducted workshops on how to integrate digital apps and platforms into daily teaching routines (Learning Apps, Socrative, Flipgrid etc.), particularly during the Erasmus+ KA1 project I won for my institution (2014-2015).
Last but not least, I have accumulated extensive experience in presenting my findings on media stereotypes and linguistic clichés during my doctoral studies (2014-2020).